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Green II

Creative Writer|Video Editor|Video Production

Welcome to the creative world of Donya' Green II, an accomplished writer and video editor based in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, CA. Donya's passion for storytelling transcending mediums brings a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and dedication to every project.


Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and an Associate of Science in Film Production Technology, Donya' has honed his craft through years of hands-on experience in the dynamic film industry. Over nearly a decade, he's worked in various production roles, from the meticulous planning of a producer to executing a vision as a director and the meticulous eye of a script supervisor.


Donya' is not just a storyteller; he's a master craftsman of narrative, wielding words and visuals with precision and flair. His editing style, featured in numerous award-winning short films and music videos, presents his keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence.


Whether bringing characters to life on the page or weaving together compelling visuals on the screen, Donya' Green II dedicates himself to crafting unforgettable experiences that resonate with audiences. Explore his portfolio and discover the magic of storytelling brought to life through his creative vision.

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